Annie Aardvark, Mathematician is here! 

"Annie is a sweet counting picture book about Annie the Aardvark ~ children can count along and even act out the sounds/motions that go along with Annie as she counts all of the different things she encounters in her daily life. I love that these items are true to facts when it comes to what aardvarks eat and where they live – this would be a perfect pairing with a non-fiction book about aardvarks, or some simple research into aardvarks. However, Annie is all about counting too, and the focus is on MATH! The book keeps the story light and very listener-friendly for the youngest readers..." 
        -- Kate Olsen, The Loud Library Lady

"I really enjoyed reading Annie Aardvark, Mathematician by Suzie Olsen. The book is very well written and descriptive. It's a great way to teach children how to count to ten, and the book is great fun. The characters are very likable, because Annie is very smart and determined. I like the use of onomatopoeia (a word which imitates the natural sounds of a thing), and so will the reader, because it makes the book really fun to read. The pictures by Davina Kinney are very beautifully drawn, and help to depict each scene. The pictures are also very colourful, and the pictures of Annie are adorable. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their child, and will like the fact that the book is both fun and educational. Children will enjoy reading this book and learning how to count. I would definitely recommend this book to all young readers."
       -- Kristen Van Kampen, Reader's Favorite

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Annie Aardvark: Adding Ants is here! 
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