Hello, I'm Suzie Olsen! I am a Staff Systems Engineer in Phoenix, AZ.  I work on a project called Rescue21. Rescue21 is the US Coast Guard's search & rescue system and helps saves lives in the 21st Century. I've been an engineer for 15 years!

I have a M.S. in Global Technology and Development and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, both from Arizona State University.  I've contributed articles and stories to Highlights Magazine, STEMedia and Tech Love. I also have an adorable toddler and supportive husband and excited to share my books with them. I'm also excited to share my books with others. 

I am passionate about Science, Technology, Engineer, and Math (STEM) outreach. I am an active member and volunteer with a couple of engineering organizations in the Phoenix area.  I've helped organize, plan and work many K-12 STEM awareness events for these organizations. I'm a member of the Society of Women Engineers, as well as the Society of Children Books Writers and Illustrators, Authors and Experts, and 12x12 Challenge.

As a female engineer, promoting diversity in STEM professions is very important to me. According to the US Census Bureau's 2009 American Community Survey (ACS), women comprise just 24 percent of STEM workers (in the US). And specific to my profession, engineering, the number of women is only 12 percent (SWE.org). The percentage of minorities in STEM is even lower. I'd love to see in my profession a representation of women and minorities that reflects the population. 

That is why I've written picture books depicting the lead characters as a female STEM professionals- to encourage all children, specifically girls and minorities, to consider careers in STEM. I hope you enjoy the books. Happy reading!